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Our environmetally friendly strategy.

We believe that taking advantage of 100% of what is available to us is just a smart plan of attack.


Green Energy

Water Management

Blockchain Development

Environmental Responsibility.

We believe that being a responsible business is as easy as being a responsible person. Ensuring a healthy and
prosperous future for all of our families, what could be more important than that.

In our operations, we employ heat re-capture, carbon re-capture and other techniques to ensure complete conversion of energy without waste.


A green and prosperous future for all.

We’ve perfected the art of Green Energy. Fossil Fuels don’t have to be the bad guy.
Through carbon and heat recapturing process we can ensure Green usage of Fossil Fuels.


Petroleum is the backbone of the World Economy. From the tires on your car to the computer, tablet or smartphone you’re viewing this from, petroleum products are a necessity. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we are utilizing state of the art equipment to reduce, reuse and recycle our heat and carbon to attain near carbon neutrality.

Water is our most precious resource.

We at Borealis Integrated, have utilized a process, in which we can condense the flue gas (exhaust) from our generators. What does that mean?

Simply put, we are recapturing our heat output and converting it into water through the natural process of condensation.

All of the above are only the first steps leading to the reduction of our carbon footprint. We then recapture what is left of the flue gas and convert it into a pure carbon product, ready to be utilized as fertilizer for the agricultural market and perhaps your own backyard.

We utilize large-scale heat recapture technology through complex HVAC systems to gather the heat that was previously a waste of our other operations and we now use it to provide heat for our hot water tank farm. We can deliver at nearly any workable temperature for our commercial or residential clients while using recaptured energy to create the heat. Why burn more hydrocarbons or use a massive amount of electricity to heat it? Because we care.

Think Green, think Borealis.


Fueling the future of commerce.

Blockchain Technology is the future of information technology.
We plan to be on the forefront, breaking ground and setting the standard.


Being dubbed as the next internet or internet 2.0, blockchain technology is becoming the next standard for information technology companies. Cryptocurrency miners assist in blockchain development and utilize a lot of power to do so. Their main byproduct is heat. Heat in mining operations can either be a blessing or a curse. We recapture this heat and utilize it for other operations thus becoming a huge win for us and our environment. Reducing our carbon footprint through heat and carbon recapture is absolutely paramount for our business model. It is also paramount to our environment conscious founders. 

Mining Cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be hard.

We offer a set it and forget it, hands-off concept, where you sit back and reap the rewards, hassle free.
We also offer financing options that work with you, not against you.

Step 1

Easy Financing

We have flexible options to get you started today. Take advantage of being one of the early adopters of blockchain technology. Easy application. It’s time to get started. Apply today.

Step 2

Start Mining

Our state of the art facility is engineered to ensure your equipment runs as efficiently and profitably as possible. Ensuring the fastest ROI on your equipment.

With our 3-year plan, we also cover the cost of your setup, further increasing your savings. With inventory on hand, your immediate uptime is in check.

Step 3

Set and Forget

Entrusting your equipment with Borealis Integrated gives you access to our top of the line software that ensures your equipment is mining at its utmost efficiency and profitability EVERY half hour. Let the Borealis family monitor your equipment 24/7 so you can utilize your time with your family.

See the real numbers.

Real case studies to show profitable mining can be as part of one of our term plans.

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