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The Real Numbers

The numbers are in and they’re something to get excited about…

The 3 Year Plan

Based on our proof of concept and extensive research as well as experience in the cryptocurrency mining world, we expect to see the following numbers.

  • Let the price of BitCoin be $10,530 CAD.
  • Let the price of a Standard GPU Mining Rig be $7299
  • Our standard GPU Mining Rig produces $570.41 CAD per month.
  • We can house your rig for $120 a month on a 3-year contract.
  • We can provide you with a lease that would end up being $225 per month.

For One Mining Rig

Assuming the price of BitCoin doesn’t change.

$570.41 – $225 – $120 = $225.41 Profit per Month

After 3 Years

Assuming the price of BitCoin doesn’t change.

After 3 years you will have paid a total of $12,420 CAD.

Your miner will have made the equivalent of 1.98 BitCoins which is $20,849.40

For One Mining Rig

$20,849.40 – $12,420 CAD = $8,114.76 Profit

That’s a whopping 153% profit.

Imagine if the price of BitCoin doubles… 

Imagine if the price of BitCoin triples…?!

What if I told you we could sell you 1 BitCoin for $4,140 CAD per year over 3 years?

The price of BitCoin is only getting higher each year. It grows on average 1.4% per week even through the boom and bust of December 2017 and January 2018.

In May 2015 BitCoin was $500
In May 2018 it was $10,000

Imagine the change that can happen in 3 years!


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